Since modern technology allows me to open a window onto the world, I wish to narrate my experiences starting from remote times down to nowadays. I mean to point out my country’s traditions through the observation of the boroughs around me: a medieval town, a centuries-old tree, a fortified castle are connatural to me as they are part of my culture and the history of my place. They are helpful to find out my own roots.

The characteristic aspects of Romagna, my native country, are meant to be useful both to Her inhabitants and to all my friends from all quarters of the globe, to whom I intend to show the reason why the word Hospitality is an intrinsic symbol of the “Romagnolo” heart.

With equal care, I have collected here my travelogues either concerning Italy or abroad, travels taken in the past and in the present with or without companions. Moreover, new technology has allowed me to supply each page with photos more and more detailed if compared with the ones taken in my earliest journeys; the scarce material and the passing of time have sometimes faded memories, emotions and sensations away. They were all so vivid at the moment of getting them.

Hoping this website can be of any help to the ones keen on travelling, I wish you to enjoy your reading and have a nice trip.

Ivo Poggiali





A special thanks to Adry,

always in my heart, forever.

-15th Dec. 2011-