Heart of winter


I love Canada and I avail myself of the opportunity of betaking myself there whenever the opportunity arises. So I was offered a flight to Vancouver, which I immediately accepted. Domenico, a friend of mine was my companion during the trip. When I decided my target place I thought that the extreme South-West of Canada could be interesting to see in the winter. And I was curious to get a new experience in a remote land.

The flight was long but not tiring so we landed at the airport of destination fresh and calm. We decided to make the most of our time. It was our scope to see new places and to meet new people, too. So I arranged an appointment with a pen-pal leaving in the area. I had made castles in the air dreaming of meeting a native Canadian to learn more and more about the town I was going to visit besides the information in my guide book. Unfortunately, my pen-friend could not arrange the meeting because of the bed weather on that day. I was disappointed at the moment. I had to be pleased only with telephone calls and the exchange of greetings and wishes.

So I was on my own because my friend Domenico wanted to have is on way in Vancouver. However, we did something tourist together. Vancouver is a big town with about 2,100,000 inhabitants. The heart of the city is on a peninsula with Stanley Park planted with lots of Canadian fir-trees: a forest downtown.

The atmosphere of “Expo ‘86” can still be breathed walking through the “Canada Place” thanks to the enormous white sails jutting into the sea. A real sight not to be missed. A ten-storey building stands by the Canada Place and it is surmounted by a round tower from the top of which you can enjoy a general view of downtown, the sails, the seafront, Stanley Park, the neighbouring villages. Last but not least, the town looked as if enclosed within a perfectly harmonious circle of perfection. It was sunset when I got this impression and the last sunrays made the skyscraper like works of a modern artist, glittering orange, violet and red. I wanted to meet people, so did I, but what I unexpectedly found was the fact that beings of different races, ethnics and languages could live side by side and communicate to one another.

I cannot omit my splendid trip to Victoria, a city on the island facing Vancouver. Several elements still contribute to remember that site: sun, flowers, breeze and a soft landing on the bay water by floatplane.

Could we lack the experience of a visit to Capilano suspension bridge crossing over a majestic river flowing from the near snow-capped mountains? Domenico and I expected to see salmon jumping counter-stream, in vane.

It was not the first time I had been to Canada but this part of the country and Vancouver in particular has left emotions, feelings and sensations quite different from the ones I lived during my previous trip to the state of Quebec and Ontario.

I think that I come back home a bit more mature especially after staying in British Columbia, a country of peace and serenity among the lots of totems waiting for you round every corner.

After so much looking, so much going, so much experience, a good Spa welcomed us and gave us relax, total relax.